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No secret: Most people know about the meaning that all parts of life should be in harmony and equal to each other. An illness can have just as negative an effect on work and family as stress at work can have on a partnership. The goal is the balance between all areas.
The various professional tasks such as setting up companies, supervisory board activities, entrepreneur coaching, seminars, speeches or book projects offer me an enormous professional diversity. Flow develops and the certainty that I will only do things that are in line with my personal values.

Harmony, satisfaction and happiness in private life offer the possibility of being able to withdraw at any time and to find a shelter.


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To pay attention to body signals, to eat healthy food, to seek relaxation through meditation and to keep one's own body in good spirits through movement during runs or hiking tours is just as important to me as not to forget the fun of life or to go over the top from time to time.
Satisfaction, however, also grows in activities that primarily benefit other people. The building of new houses in Cambodia, together with the slum residents, who were subsequently allowed to move in there, remains an incomparable experience.


People from all over the world help the needy, whose gratitude can be read in their eyes.  Thanks to "Habitat for Humanity" for letting us join them. The annual lavender harvest with friends in southern France also fulfils many values: friendship, cultural exchange, enjoyment of life.
Different countries, different points of view. To get away from tourism and talk to people creates the basis to be able to form one's own judgement. More tolerance and more understanding for the point of view of the other is the result. It is worth it.

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