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"To benefit from the experiences of others and broaden one's own horizons."
Not so long ago, I would certainly have chosen another term for my service portfolio than VOCATION. And the scope of consulting would very probably have been much more extensive. Today, I only offer services that I feel I have a vocation to and that I can perform in addition to my entrepreneurial activities.

Moderation of entrepreneur conferences

THE BEST FORM OF EXCHANGE OF EXPERIENCES. Well moderated and target-oriented, the participants profit from the knowledge of the others and from the input of the moderator. Comparisons of companies often serve as a basis for discussion, and focus topics on business administration, customer management or the Internet help to focus one's own company on the future.

I have been moderating entrepreneur conferences, which usually take place twice a year with owners and managing directors from one industry, for over 20 years. In addition to the exchange of experience, the focus is on future orientation.

Just as groups of entrepreneurs rightly place high demands on the moderator, I demand a willingness to change from the participants and a permanent questioning of one's own situation. Common Brainstorming and a thinking without restrictions can lead to completely new solutions and thought impulses. If you are open to this and willing to leave your own "comfort zone".
Succesful Coaching with system!

Entrepreneur coaching

Change processes are indeed painful. But if the measures introduced in the past did not bring the desired success, it would be foolish to simply continue like this. It would be better to question everything. This requires courage and self-confidence.

Within the framework of individual entrepreneur coaching, it is already clearly demonstrated during the first analysis why many things cannot work or do not produce the desired results.  Changes in behaviour will be necessary in order to work more efficiently and purposefully at every point in the company in the future. The approach is structured and ensures sustainable success. However, it is important to get to know your company from a different perspective.
Only this new perspective makes it possible to develop strategies and make decisions that would never have been possible before.

With experience, the right questions and evaluation of the concept approaches by proven strategy models, a problem quickly becomes a challenge, which one likes to face with well thought-out solutions.

Entrepreneur coaching is a very confidential affair. I am therefore happy to establish contact with other entrepreneurs who have already worked with me before a mandate is given.

Supervisory board and advisory board mandates

The times in which the performance of a supervisory board or advisory board mandate was regarded as honorary service and remunerated accordingly are over.  If you want to fill your board competently today, you should look for the right experts.  Because companies generate enormous consulting knowledge through a competent supervisory board, which will have a lasting positive effect on development. And the good news is that, unlike external consultants, a member of the supervisory board is available to the management for a longer period of time as a sparring partner.

Actually, the best and most sensible support for a company and the most intensive entrepreneur coaching, which is why more and more entrepreneurs are considering implementing a supervisory board or advisory board voluntarily. Because when it comes to the right strategic orientation for the future, nothing is more helpful than knowing the right experts on your side.
Shaping the future together
Among others at cooperatives, association groups, in the fashion trade, publishing house and congress management, also as chairman, and thus assume responsibility in the individual companies. As chairman of the supervisory board, you should also be able to discuss strategic decisions with the management or executive board at eye level. This in turn automatically restricts the circle of companies in which mandates can be assumed.

Before I am appointed to your Supervisory Board, I would be happy to establish contact with existing or former companies in which I hold or have held a supervisory board position.

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