Why impulses are important

It is human nature that we do not immediately take up every idea or follow up every suggestion. It often takes several impulses before implementation takes place in the company.

Entrepreneurial conferences

I have been moderating entrepreneurial conferences, which usually take place twice a year with owners and managers from one sector, for over 20 years. In addition to the exchange of experiences, the focus is on future orientation.

Keynote speeches

Presentations at entrepreneurial events or internal conferences are the appropriate setting to stimulate awareness and draw attention to important developments. The impulses given are intended to initiate a first discussion among each other. The topics include everything that moves the trade.

Digital? Of course!

I also hold business conferences via video conferencing. In this case, the course of the conference is adapted accordingly.

Alternatively, individual topics can be prepared as webinars or pure online presentations without interaction.

Job history and current mandates can be accessed via Xing and Linkedin.

Customer satisfaction is the only benchmark for success

This counts for every company and, of course, for me as well. That's why the cooperation should be as uncomplicated as possible, in order to be able to focus exclusively on the consulting project or the mandate. In the interest of the client!

Get to know

Fast, without obligation and of course free of charge. By zoom or telephone. Also in the evening or at the weekend. Particularly effective with prior briefing by email

Advisory package

Detailed definition of services, client-appropriate fees and no cancellation periods. Only satisfaction counts. Advisory services possible for as little as 5 working days per assignment.

Let's go

Once the decision has been made, no time should be lost. Because challenges arise automatically, solutions have to be worked out. Quickly and efficiently. And as immediately as possible!

You are interested? Then we should get to know each other.

Uncomplicated! Digital! Timely!






Impulse giver

My consulting services

„What I do is not really work, it´s my passion”.

In my view, this is an important prerequisite for successful cooperation.


I have been involved in supervisory and advisory boards for over 20 years.
e.g. in co-operatives, purchase cooperations, fashion trade, publishing and congress management, also as chairman, and thus assume responsibility in the respective companies.

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Start-up founders, but also young entrepreneurs who continue businesses, are often bursting with new ideas. Not everything can be implemented. Some can only be implemented against tough resistance. As a mentor, I am aware of my special responsibility.

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The retail sector is facing major challenges. Many companies have not yet sufficiently recognized the relevance of important topics such as sustainability or digitalisation for the future. This is where I act as an impulse generator.

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